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Auto Review 2006 Honda Civic EX

DARNESTOWN, Md. (MarketWatch) -- There are people among us who make
good money forecasting where they think the price of oil and
gasoline are going. The rest of us hang on and check the signs at
the local gas station.

From the outside, the swept-back styling leaves little doubt that
this is something brand new. Inside, we fell head over heels for
the new dash. The jazzy three-spoke steering wheel first catches the eye,
followed by the tach, which sits where you might typically look for
the speedometer (it's digital and just above the tach). All this
means your can keep up with the vital statistics while also keeping
an eye on where your Civic's headed. (Of course, it might take away
an excuse if your local police officer singles you out on his
radar.) The rest of the interior is up to Honda's high standard of fit and
finish. The little hand brake is a nice new addition, easy to
engage and sitting just to the left of the shifter. The five-speed
manual was a delight to use with quick short shifts -- more sports
car here than economy car, for sure. Under the hood is a very refined 1.8-liter four that bats out 140
horsepower. Look for zero to 60 times in the low eight-second range
and EPA mileage of 30 39 per gallon -- both good figures, girls and
boys! In town and out on the highway, the Civic's quiet and most
comfortable. Wind noise is at a minimum and the engine is never
outrageous even when pushed toward its red line of 6,800 rpm. Up
front, there's plenty of room for six-footers -- even with the
sunroof. A tilt/telescoping wheel should help make every driver
comfortable. Rear-seat passengers may not want to ride to, say, California from
Maryland, but there's more than enough space to snuggle into for
short and mid-range trips. Back roads are fun to take on (perhaps
not with the boss on board), and the EX Civic will plant a smile on
your face even as you continue to marvel at the price. Which is to
say: A nicely equipped, top-of-the-line EX will go out the door for
just over $20,000.


Auto Review 2006 Honda Civic EX
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