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The eighth-generation model of Honda Civic, which has sold more ...

The eighth-generation model of Honda Civic, which has sold more than 1,200,000 units since its launch in 1972 is all set to make its entry in the Indian markets.

The Civic is the best selling single model of all time for Honda and is second only to Toyota Corolla, which means it has been a smashing success for more than three decades.

The story began with the first generation Civic way back in the year 1972. The car was a hatch and it did very well in Japan and Europe.

The Civic production started in Indonesia in 1975 and moved to Taiwan in 1977.

In 1979, the next generation Super Civic was born. The model won the US Import Car of the Year award in 1980.

In 1983 Honda decided that the Civic needed to be more than just a hatch and so it got a sedan variant too in its third generation model, called the Wonder Civic.

The Wonder platform spawned three, four and five doors variants. This too won many awards and also topped customer satisfaction studies in the US.

In the year 1984, the 16-valve DOHC engine was also introduced with the car.

Four years later, in 1987, the Grand Civic was launched with a Hyper 16-valve engine and a four-wheel double wishbone suspension.

The VTEC was also first introduced on this car in 1989. The car did particularly well as its acceptance grew amongst new car buyers.

The Sports Civic was launched in 1991, marking the car's fifth generation. The VTEC-E engine was extremely popular with younger buyers and the car swept a number of awards, especially in Japan.

Honda started making the Civic in the Philippines in 1992 and in the United Kingdom and Pakistan in 1994. By 1995 the market was highly competitive, but the Civic had its own place, one of respect.

The three stage VTEC and Honda's multimatic transmission also came on board in the sixth generation Civic, which once again won the Car of the Year in Japan.

With the millennium came the seventh generation Civic, which had a successful five-year run.

The eighth-generation model of Honda Civic, which has sold more ...
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